david zink yi
Yta Moreno - 2004

six channel video
Format variable
4 min 58

Installation view: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Stipendium, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2008.

Photo: Achim Kukulies.

In the piece "6x Yta Moreno," the viewer is confronted with six different projections and six related sources of sound. The projections show various perspectives of a room in which Yta Moreno can be seen. This room is the living- and workroom of the Brazilian musician, who lives in Vienna.
Yta sings six different samba instruments. He references himself in every take by listening to the bass drum, "Zurdo," on headphones. This drum, which he sang in advance, is what gives the basic beat - the pulse of the rhythm.
Thus he sings in every take a new instrument: Cuica, Repinque, Pandero, Agogô and Repique (all of these are percussion instruments except for the Cuica.)
In the simultaneous replay of the various projections and the corresponding sounds, the viewer and listener gets to hear a complete samba rhythm and gets to see different perspectives of the room and of the body of the musician.
Thereby a situational image arises, created out of different elements, in which, as in other pieces, the presence of the body and of memory play an important role.