natascha sadr haghighian
present but not yet active - 2002

Collective performance at Frankfurt Zoo and split-screen color video, with sound
13 min. 34 sec.
Camera work by Stefan Pente
Courtesy Johann König, Berlin, and the artist
Photo: Ines Schaber

Manifesta 4, Frankfurt, 2002.

'present but not yet active' was an attempt to take part in an exhibition without displaying anything, but instead by 'diffusing' into the show through a shared experience with the curators. This experience, shared with the curatorial team of manifesta, took place at the Frankurt Zoo a month before the opening. The aim was to discuss and experience the logic and architecture of display and to look at the dilemma of authenticity and visibility created by it. "present but not yet active" happened in the shape of a film set where three 'grzimeks' (named after Frankfurt's famous zoo director and filmmaker, Bernhard Grzimek) documented the meeting from different viewpoints. While grzimek 1 tried to shoot the tiger and grzimek 2 shot grzimek 1 and the witnesses (curators), grzimek 3 took photos from the distance. The display and its dilemma was multiplied. All three angles come together in a short video (13min). The video was given to the curators after the end of manifesta as a documentation of the shared experience. At the exhibiton itself nothing was displayed.